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R310 shows up as Unknown/Not Supported - help!

New Contributor

I'm new to Ruckus.  I'm firing up a small wireless network that consists of:

  • R510 in gateway mode
  • R510 as a member AP (this auto-installed beautifully as soon as I plugged it into the PoE switch!)
  • R310 as a member AP

My issue is that the R310 is showing up in the Unleashed app as "Unknown/Not Supported".  Anyone have any ideas on how to rectify this?  It's the last piece and I'm done...




Contributor II

Hi Shane,

Is the R310 running Unleahed code? Is it the same version as the Master R510?

If yes, try Factory Default and join back again (delete from Unleashed before rejoining).

It should be pretty brainless and simple just as your second member AP was.  Beyond that, best to invoke Ruckus TAC at 1-855-RUCKUS-1.


Hi Shane, what is the Unleaashed firmware on R510?

R310 is not supported beyond 200.7.x firmware. If you have 200.8 or 200.9 on the R510 you should downgrade to 200.7 before trying to connect the R310.

The running APs should always have the same or a newer firmware than the AP joining the unleashed network. if you install the same firmware to the AP joining, your problem should not occur. make sure joining APs are always in factory default state

please refer to this excellent firmware matrix to verify what firmware should be installed if you have the problem again.