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Question about add 3rd AP and Access other vlan from Unleasehd Mobile App

New Contributor

Hi ,

I've two questions.

1. The office has two R320 AP running now and one of the AP acts as master. If purchase R350 AP (Wifi 6), it will discover the Unleashed Master and join automatically.  Then it will become 2nd member and no additional steps are necessary. Right?

2. There are vlan 10 (default) and vlan 20 on AP. Unleasehd Mobile App can access vlan 10 by default. But vlan 20 is for mobile phone user. How to make vlan 20 are managed by Mobile App after join WiFi at vlan 20 network.



Contributor III

How are you blocking it now?

Also, what is the actual problem that you trying to solve here? Is lowering your security to your wireless controller the appropriate solution?