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Quality of Service for selected clients

New Contributor II
Hi All,

There a couple of laptops that I would like to "hog" wireless bandwidth, from two R310s Unleashed, to prevent buffering of streamed video media content. Is this possible (or desirable)?

Many thanks in advance,

New Contributor III
By using the default parameters all clients will have an unlimited data rate. The only was to prefer one client over another is to rate limit the other clients. You could do this by creating a new WLAN with rate limiting for the clients that don't have the bandwidth requirements.

New Contributor II
Thanks Mike. Found those settings and that makes sense. gimbers

New Contributor III
Hi Rex, we deal with a lot of live streamed events. Typically I'd always use Ethernet connectivity, however if we need to use Wifi I have found it more beneficial to run access points running unleashed and broadcasting 5GHz only (If the streaming device allows 5GHz) on a separate dedicated LAN and rate limit as Mike states above, although this only rates at host level and not at network level. If you need the controllers however you can also force the Wi-Fi traffic to route via the ZD controller. We've run multi bit streams (480, 576 & 720p) on this setup and it's worked fine. Final thought is that you could also limit the volume of clients connecting to these two access points which would force hosts to connect to other access points...

Hope this helps


Esteemed Contributor II
We have a feature request for Unleashed to service WLANs on 2.4GHz and/or 5GHz, which currently broadcast on both bands (200.1).