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QoS Settings not persisting across reboots

New Contributor III

The other day I ran the following commands on my R650s with Unleashed

set qos igmp_query v2 enable
set qos igmp_query v3 enable
set qos mld_query v1 enable
set qos mld_query v2 enable
set qos eth0 mld enable
set qos eth1 mld enable
set qos eth0 directed multicast disable
set qos eth1 directed multicast disable
set qos directedRA disable
set qos directedDHCP disable
set qos forward_querier enable

After both APs are rebooted, the following settings are NOT persisted:

get qos:

IGMP General Query V2/V3: Disabled/Disabled
MLD General Query V1/N2: Disabled/Disabled

get qos eth0/eth1:

Directed Multicast: Enabled

MID Snooping Mode: Disabled


Hi @Rucky860 

I found the reason, the config changes which you are making is from the "ap-mode" which is not exactly the Master CLI mode but the AP CLI mode. 
After making the changes, it will hold the config, but in fact it will saved as AP config and not in Master config. To save the config in the Master the settings as to be from the "Config" mode rather than the "Ap-mode".

So once the AP reboots, the AP config will override based on the Master config. Which is why the settings made from the ap-mode prompt is not saving.

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RUCKUS Team Member

Hi @Rucky860 

I have checked this in lab with the same version, and I can see that the below settings are not persistent as you mentioned.
IGMP General Query V2/V3
MLD General Query V1/N2

Let me check more on this and update you with the root cause.

We have same issue and cannot configure the AP-group mode to persist reboots.


ruckus(config-apgrp)# model r550 port-setting
ap_name: r550
The model could not be configured in unleashed.


Any update on this issue???

I'm now on Ruckus one, but curious if Unleashed will get fixed?