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Q regarding IP ranges/routing and SSIDs

New Contributor III

Dear all,

I am a (prospective) Ruckus newbie interested in the following setup with a couple of R650’s: the R650's would be connected over 2.5Gb Ethernet to a Mikrotik router offering dhcp within; is a NAT-gateway towards the Internet.


I would then like to span 3 SSIDs (each 5 and 2.4 GHz) over the R650’s:

  • SSID1 should simply bridge to
  • SSID2 and SSID3 should be different subnets, say and, and route (no NAT) via towards the Internet. Access to should be restriced, access from to 10.2 and 10.3 should be allowed.


Can this be set up with Unleashed? What would be the preferred way: VLANs for and with dhcp, frewalling, etc. handled by; or SSID1 and SSID2 configured on the master R650 e.g. as Guest WLANs with local dhcp-servers and routing?


Thanks a bunch to anyone who cares to read & answer!





Please send me an email with your contact details to I will get you connected to the local sales team in Germany.

Viele Grüße


Valued Contributor

Making routing, ACLs, etc in router is not only faster and better, it is also simpler -- as you do all of this in 1 place, not on each AP. So go with standard and recommended design - separate VLANs for each SSID, and routing/NATing/etc them on the router. Same with DHCP server for you subnets - use router for that. It's actually correct approach for any WiFi system not for Ruckus only.

New Contributor III

So, thanks to all! I got the message, I'll leave them alone with layer 2 :-).
Now I just have to finde a way to buy some for an acceptable price here in Europe..

Cheers, Joachim.

New Contributor III

Here's a short update: With the help of people from Ruckus support/sales I was able to buy two R650s and deployed them last weekend. The hardest bit was to configure the VLANs on my Mikrotik infrastructure, all else was straightforward and it now works like a charm. I wish I had discoovered Ruckus earlier...