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Outdoor Mesh Setup - Root-AP rebooting - Mesh-APs disapearing

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i have a Ruckus Unleashed Mesh Network running with 9x T300 APs.
Firmware is up-to-date.
There is a huge parking area with about 12 IP Network Cameras. To connect the Cameras to the cabled Network and to the Storage where the recordings are stored, we used this Mesh-Network.
There are 2x Root-APs and 7x Mesh-APs. 3x Mesh-APs connecting to one Root-AP. The other 4x APs connecting to the other.

Customer told me, the Systems seems to be unstable.
Sometimes one Root-AP reboots and some Mesh-APs disapearing.

I checked the Logs and did not get any helpful information for me.
What i have seen is, that my Master (which is also a Root-AP) rebooted today and two days before. Strange Thing is it happend to the exact same time (02:06 AM).
The Logs say "warm boot successfully, last reboot reasion [application reboot]".

Any ideas why the reboot is happening?
Any other helpful information why my Root-APs rebooting?

Thanks and kind regards

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What controller platform, ZoneDirector or SmartZone, and version please?

Root (wired) APs don't typically reboot.  Could the network they're on be flooded by broadcasts, multicasts, or IPv6?

Does your company do any heavy network load events at around 2:00am?  (such that APs can't comm with controllers)

Wait, you used the term "Master", ie Unleashed?  Version is about ready for GA, so please wait a week,
upgrade, and evaluate again.  (but consider the questions above)

AND, be aware that Mesh APs *cannot* act in Master or Standby Master roles in the Unleashed network. 

If you are losing Root APs and all Mesh APs on them, you should try to install another wired Root AP that can backup
the Root APs in service now.  (and hopefully determine why you have reboots today)

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Unleashed Network.

Thanks + Kind Regards

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Contributor III
Hi Michael,

Thanks for your reply.
Customer is planning to serve more parking areas with Ruckus. But because the first Parking Area is not working like he want he is waiting for his order.
So it is important to me so investigate this.

But this is really strange...

I checked the traffic flowing over the Switch Ethernet Ports. This is about 12 - 16Mbit/s. So not really much traffic.
We checked the power grid. Both PoE Switches have an Uptime of a multible weeks. So a power outage could also not be the reason.
Both Root-APs are connected to different PoE Switches (TP-Link and HP) and they have sufficient PoE Power.
Also i realized there are some radard signals and there are some Channel changes. Because we are in Germany we only have DFS Channels for Outdoor usage. I am not sure if Channel chaning may cause such kind of reboots. Maybe i am should activate Indoor Channels for my Outdoor APs. But i am not sure if this whould mean trouble with any government department.

My Thoughts:
Like you wrote they may be a Broadcast on the Network. Because the Logs on my Unleashed Master are talking of an warm application reboot, i thought there may be a SNMP Trap from anywhere who is restarting my Master-AP.

What do you think?