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Only broadcast one SSID on one AP in Unleashed Network

New Contributor

Is there a way to restrict one of the unleashed APs to only broadcast one SSID and not all of the SSIDs in the unleashed network? Without zone director, just a straight unleashed network of APs. I see where I can restrict OS types, or by MAC addresses on a specific SSID but I don't see any way of having one AP only broadcast for a specific SSID. Thanks Joe


Valued Contributor

Hi Joe,

You need to use the AP groups function to achieve this.  You put selected APs in their own group and select which WLANs are active on those APs.

More details here:

Videos here:

I hope that helps!



Can AP's be members of more than 1 group? For example GroupA has AP1 & AP3 broadcasting wlan1, while GroupB has AP1, AP2 & AP3 broadcasting wlan2.

Hi Harold,

AP's can only be a member of a single group.  However WLANs can be applied to multiple AP groups.

So to adjust your example above.  You would have AP1 and AP3 in an AP group and they'd broadcast WLANs 1 + 2.

AP2 would be in another group and it would broadcast only WLAN 2.

I hope that helps,

Thanks, that works well.