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New router

New Contributor
I just had ruckus unleashed mesh nodes installed in my new home as part of a special. I’m wanting to use a VPN with my router but discovered I need to get a new router that supports that function. Will I have to reset the nodes or will I be able to simply unplug the old router and plug in the new one?

Esteemed Contributor II
Typical Unleashed AP installation assumes that you have a DHCP/DNS router on the LAN.
Simply adding them to your network will give you extended wireless access to your network,
that should still use/go thru your Router.  If the new router provides the same services as the old,
no change.

So basically unplug the old and plug in the new... do I need to turn the APs off when I do this? Thank you for the response.

The APs are programmed to use DHCP if you didn't assign them static IPs, so they might "ask" for their previous addresses, but would accept any offered.
Short answer, should be no impact, don't even bother to turn them off. APs will still offer Wireless service locally, but users won't be able to get to Internet until new Router (reboots and) provides the outbound interface.