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New product compatibility with R310 unleashed existing network

New Contributor

Hi to all,

I've started managing a little infrastructure with 13 R310 access points coordinated by a R510 unleashed master.

The client have requested to add 3 more access points and I would have bought some R350, but knowing that the R310 is EOL and could not be updated to the last firmware version, could I make those R350 join the unleashed network? Can I downgrade the new R350 to have the same firmware version of the R310?

Any other product or solution that can fit in that unleashed network, without completely trash 13 access points that it's still working?



Contributor II

Unfortunately there's no overlapping version of Unleashed which would run the R310 and R350.

You could buy some R320s (which are the same generation as the R510), and they'd happily run Unleashed 200.7.

Or you could accept that you're running a geriatric Unleashed network, and leave it that way: just buy 3 (or more if you want spares) used R310/R500/R600s and keep the money you saved for a real upgrade later.

Or you could buy the R350s + a ZoneDirector 1200 (which is nearing end-of-sale). Used ZD1200s are $150-200 off eBay with enough licenses for your site. You'd have to re-setup your network configuration and update all your APs with the new firmware, but you'll be able to run all of your existing APs + the R350s on the very latest 10.5.1 release.