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Backup and Restore Problem on Ruckus Unleashed

New Contributor III
Dear Ruckus Users

I try to backup configuration on ruckus unleashed T300 and there'is pop up file which is written in chinese. it's not .BAK file, I save the file and try to restore the configuration and invalid backup configuration notification appears. Is there problem with my ruckus?Image_ images_messages_5f91c3e1135b77e2478c5067_a33fe71813dc949962e643f1b79f273a_RackMultipart2017070568137648w-277be306-438e-47a6-94a0-310b10b365b1-664559185.PNG1499238740

Thank you


Muhammad Labib Khairi

Internal Employee
Hi Muhammad,

Could you please provide more information on this issue like in Firmware version, AP Model; how many APs connected in this Unleashed Network? Do you see this issue when backingup config using multiple browsers?

Abilash PR.

Dear Abilash

Here are information you ask:

Firmware: T300_200.
AP Model: T300
How many APs: 1 AP T300
I just used google chrome browser when backingup config


Muhammad Labib Khairi

Hi Muhammad,

I tested internally in lab with chrome browser and did not see any issue. Please find below screenshot. I was also able to restore using the same backup. The AP restored without any issues.

Image_ images_messages_5f91c478135b77e247aa82d0_69eef4bfbd577ff8d56ee9ae918a94d7_RackMultipart20170710106131pm6-389dc67b-1b06-4d64-b174-f69addb912f7-24660249.jpg1499727913
Could you please try to test it using different browser and check ?

Abilash PR.