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Mesh client access point always connects to an access point, which is far away

New Contributor II

I have here 5 R550/R350 unleashed access points, which are connected by lan and I have one access point in an outside building (R350 unleashed), which is connected wireless via mesh. All access points run the latest unleashed firmware.

My problem is, that the wireless connected access point is always connecting to the access point in the main building, which is farthest away instead of connecting to the wired access point, which is closest.

Because of this, the wireless access point drops the connection frequently.

How can I influence this ? Is there a way to force the wireless client to connect to a closer wired access point ?

Thanks in advance for your help.


RUCKUS Team Member

Hello @Truman 

Could you please check if the line of sigh is clear between the closet wired AP and the mesh AP ? Is there any obstacle between these two APs ?

Also please try to drop down the power for the AP which is in the main building by -3db and then check if the mesh AP connect to the closer root AP or not.


New Contributor II

Hello @Ayush_Tripathi 

the line of sight is clear in the way, that there is one window in the main building in between and a wall in the other building, where the AP is connected wireless.
I just checked and now it is connected to the wired AP, which is closest. It shows me a signal of 7 in the mesh summary of the master AP.