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Max speed possible with R600 and intel 9560?

New Contributor II
Hi all, 

I have got a R600 unleashed and a intel 9560 card, both should do 1300mbs at 5ghz accoording to the specs.. But I am stuck at 866mbs in windows. In real life I get 500mbs and that is great but looks it could go faster but how or with what settings?



Yes, channel width is directly proportional to maximum throughput.

New Contributor III
1.3Gbps is achieved using 3x3:3 at 80MHz channel width.
That's transmitting on 3 antennae, receiving on 3 antennae with 3 parallel streams of data.

From reading the specification data sheet shared in the link above, it appears that this Intel card is capable of 2x2.

The same data rate can be achieved using 2 antennae, but only when using a channel width of 160MHz, which is not supported by the Ruckus R600.