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Inventoried unleashed waps to current firmware

New Contributor
I have 17 units in stock and would like to know the best practice to update these units to the current firmware and place them back into stock. 
makes for a quicker install when implementing them on site once they are sold.

Contributor II
I don't think there is a best practice for that.  Especially since we don't know how long they would be in stock and if there would be additional updates in the mean time.

I think the best thing would be to leave them at current version and upgrade at the time of deployment.  There is a pretty easy over the web upgrade option on Unleashed now.  Just set it up via the wizard and when you first log in go to Admin & Services -> Administer -> Upgrade.  Choose the Online Upgrade method, select the firmware version and click Upgrade.

Esteemed Contributor II
Unleashed 200.7 is expected around the end of March, I believe.

New Contributor
Okay thanks, my current units in stock are sitting at 200.2 or 200.3. Our last install we ran into an issue where one of the waps would not join the current new network and just kept doing a firmware update loop. We were thinking that the firmware was too old and the cause of the loop.