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Identify DFS Radar Interference Frequency

New Contributor II

I am currently using (United States) DFS channels in the 5GHz spectrum due to congested airways. I have my syslog server set up to alert me when an AP detects DFS interference, but I notice that the 'Radar found' log only shows the primary (first) channel in the log entry. As an example, if I am using 80MHz widths (let's say channels 100, 104, 108, 112) and the AP is manually set to channel 100, the DFS 'Radar found' long entry lists the interference on channel 100.

I don't believe the interference is actually on the primary channel as I've shifted the channels quite a bit and every time the log entry only shows the primary channel.

Is there any way to identify the actual channel/frequency that the interference was on so I can eliminate those channels permanently?