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IGMP snooping and directed multicast on Unleashed no longer deactivable

New Contributor II

I don't know if any of you noticed and/or if there is any other solution to this. We always disable (and need to) IGMP snooping and directed multicast in every SSID's context and also in the "ap-group" context. Until 200.4 version included, this worked. So when you are in the CLI, you type enable, then:
ap-group "system default"
model r500 port-setting
no lan 1 qos directed-mcast
no lan 2 qos directed-mcast
no lan 1 qos igmp-snooping
no lan 2 qos igmp-snooping
lan 2 uplink access
or r310 depending on the access point.

However, from 200.5, this disappeared (the whole port-setting parameter)! Ruckus Support told me last year when I tried to upgrade to 200.5 that the ability to disable these 2 features in both the SSID context and ap-group one would again be possible in the 200.6 release, but unfortunately this still isn't and now Ruckus Support tells me either to take a Zone Director or issue a request feature.. Only the ability to disable the 2 features in the WLAN context is back in the 200.6.

I cannot understand why this was removed. I cannot really downgrade to 200.4 just to disable these in the ap-group context and then re-upgrade to 200.6 as the config needs to be recreated but it worked (I have already tried this).. Any ideas?