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IGMP snooping and directed multicast on Unleashed no longer deactivable

New Contributor II

I don't know if any of you noticed and/or if there is any other solution to this. We always disable (and need to) IGMP snooping and directed multicast in every SSID's context and also in the "ap-group" context. Until 200.4 version included, this worked. So when you are in the CLI, you type enable, then:
ap-group "system default"
model r500 port-setting
no lan 1 qos directed-mcast
no lan 2 qos directed-mcast
no lan 1 qos igmp-snooping
no lan 2 qos igmp-snooping
lan 2 uplink access
or r310 depending on the access point.

However, from 200.5, this disappeared (the whole port-setting parameter)! Ruckus Support told me last year when I tried to upgrade to 200.5 that the ability to disable these 2 features in both the SSID context and ap-group one would again be possible in the 200.6 release, but unfortunately this still isn't and now Ruckus Support tells me either to take a Zone Director or issue a request feature.. Only the ability to disable the 2 features in the WLAN context is back in the 200.6.

I cannot understand why this was removed. I cannot really downgrade to 200.4 just to disable these in the ap-group context and then re-upgrade to 200.6 as the config needs to be recreated but it worked (I have already tried this).. Any ideas?


Esteemed Contributor II
I inquired with DevEng who went to Master AP controller CLI in 200.6, and they say they did not restore this option in 200.7 release either...

New Contributor II
Hi Michael,

Thanks for your reply, is there a reason why they removed this, do you know? By default, it is activated so it breaks some of our applications which use multicast.. The only "workaround" is to downgrade to 200.4, issue the commands for most access points model we may be using and then reupgrade to the latest. 

Esteemed Contributor II
Product mgt says they are planning to restore in next 200.7 maintenance release.  Thanks for bringing this up.

New Contributor II
Super, thanks Michael! Looking forward to that 200.7 release