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I want to revert my Unleased to 100.x.x.x.x

New Contributor II
I installed the unleashed software in a R500 and was testing it.

I now want to revert the software back to 100.x.x.x.x but I cant seem to get it to revert to factory like when its originally at 100.x.x.x.x then its taken over by a ZD and changes it to 9.12.x.x.x.

In this configuration I just press the reset button for 10 seconds then I can http to the unit and install the 100.x.x.x. software.

When I do it with the unleashed it just resets to unleashed and I cant load a different software ...

Any help would be appreciated ..


Community Manager
Community Manager
Hi Cristian,

You just have to hard reset the AP.

Once the hard reset is done, the setup wizard appears again. There click on "Show AP Info" and we can see the Upgrade option to upload firmware.

Downgrade the AP to 100.x ZoneFlex based image version for that model of Access Point.

- Anusha Vemula

New Contributor II
Answered my own question..

on the welcome screen after button reset press the sh ap info button then upgrade button. this will give you the option to upload the 100.x.x.x. file to the AP....

New Contributor
I have an almost the same problem

I have an R500 and on confirming its version, it says

### Active SW ###
SW Version:

While the SW images on flash says

what is the difference of the two as I can see them both on my R500

What does it say when you type 'get version' at the AP CLI prompt, that is the image that is running.

Type 'get director' and 'get scg' to determine if SCG service is running, which means the AP thinks it's under SCG control.

A factory default and WebUI access, is recommended to "upgrade" firmware to a Solo/Standalone image, if not on the 100.x code now.