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How to config Cisco SG300 connect R500 unleashed

New Contributor
Hi ,  i have problem can't access SSID Guest 
i have config Cisco SG300 connect to R500 (Config unleashed) 
SG300 ----> in fa 21----->Trunk allow vlan all(untage vlan 1 , Tag vlan 10,20,30) -------> AP R500

and i have config ip helper address for all vlan 

 i have config SSID Manament and guest and config advanced option access vlan 1 and 20

i can connect Management but can't connect guest

Please help me to solve problem

New Contributor III
Try setting the port on the switch to not tag if it is. If I recall we had similar issues when the switch port was set to tag all. We configured vlan tagging on the corresponding port which routed the traffic to the correct network. For example: Vlan 20 is fa 02- trunk port/tag all and the AP on port 24 was trunk port->untagged and a member of Vlan 1,10,20 and 30..
This is how we have our switch configured but we are not using Cisco SG300.

Hope this helps.

New Contributor
"member of vlan" you mean config port uplink to AP  to Trunk port and  untagged vlan 1 and Tag Vlan 10,20,30 ?

New Contributor III
I have not had the pleasure to work with the Cisco SG300 and it may behave differently. I am using an Araknis 300 series switch. The settings I provided were how I had to configure the Araknis switch with Unleashed R500 AP. The uplink to the AP is set as a trunk port, PVID 1, uplink port is also a member of VLAN 20 and Vlan 40 but untagged for all VLAN traffic. 

So we have the Unleashed AP R500 getting its DHCP IP from native VLAN1, user SSID Vlan 20 and Guest SSID Vlan 40.