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How do I make an SSID that is wifi6 only?

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I see under the SSID, if I go to radio control I can enable wifi6 - is there a way to disable the 2.4 and 5ghz on that ssid only?


RUCKUS Team Member

Acknowledged, @bdillard .

We need Tri-Radio APs like R560 and R760 to enable 6Ghz (WiFi-6E), and the Unleashed OS doesn't support those hardware's yet.

The 6Ghz is the main difference between WiFi-6 and WiFi-6E. Please find the below video tutorial from Ruckus to know more about WiFi 6E, and let us know if you have any other queries.

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Do you actually have a wifi 6E device? Just curious.

I’m personally ignoring 6E and will look at adding some wifi 7 APs in a few years. The big speeds that 6E promises aren’t available in real-world devices (which usually only support 2 spatial streams). 

I believe so, I've switched out the wifi unit in most of my laptops to AX210NGW

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Acknowledged, @bdillard .

If you have the contact of our Ruckus Sales team, please reach them to know more about the device availability. Or let me know your registered Account Name to find their details for you.