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How do I do this

New Contributor III
I have a R310 running the wireless in the house. It's connected to a switch via ethernet - about 2m long. Also connected to that switch is a 7363 - I'm using the PoE port. The cable is about 20m long.

I'm doing something wrong, but I don't know what. The power light does not come on the 7363. I no longer have a ZD to control it, assuming I could use the R310 as its controller.

As I say, the 7363 is 20m away from the R310 as my goal is to boost the wifi to the back of the house - between the two AP's are a lot of walls and metal. 

Please could ppl advise me on what I need to do to achieve my goal

Thank you.

New Contributor III
Any more ideas please guys?

Valued Contributor II
after hard-resetting your ZF7363, did you configure your computer LAN card to be on same default IP series as ZF7363??
If answer is yes, its broken. you need to RMA the device. Check with Ruckus support for replacement options..

'Way back when', it was 'normal' (sort of) to have to do the hard reset +5 times, before it would take on the AP in question. Could also just be me, couldn't count to 10. You cannot connect to wireless for configuration. This has to go by cable. Try (like AlphaDog suggests) to set your laptop IP address in the same IP subnet as the AP, ex. / and you are good to go.