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Generating Guest Passes for Authentication

New Contributor II
How do I generate guest passes? When I enable Guest Pass + Device Registration on a Guest SSID it just asks me for a Guest Pass. If I never set up a Guest Pass I'll have no access to the internet using that SSID. When I go to it asks me for a username and password. I do not know what that username and password is to generate one. Seems like it isn't very user friendly in regards to setting up guest authentication.

Community Manager
Community Manager
Hi Elijah,

In order to generate guest passes, first you need to create a user with the privilege to generate guest passes.

- Create a Role under System & Admin> Roles by checking the "Guest Pass : Allow Guest Pass Generation" option.
- Create a user under System & Admin> Users and assign the Role created above to this user.
- Login with this credentials in and generate guest passes.

This is the same process in ZD as well.

- Anusha Vemula

New Contributor II
Great, I figured it out. Little more difficult that I'm used to I guess. For a splash page (login page) is there a way to put our own background on it or just a logo and a title? I wonder if that is the only part you can customize or if we can customize it more like one of the videos that was released by Ruckus? I want to host the page internally, not externally.

Thanks for the help.


The internal Guest Access customization is limited to Logo and Title yes, and would otherwise require
external HotSpot server to host your login page/authentication for more than our Guest Access page.

Unleashed Online Help is available here too:

But since you asked, I think a KBA or video on how to setup Guest Access with Guest Pass authentication
on Unleashed following Anusha's steps, is a good topic.

Oh, dang. Now is internal guest access customization to come in the near future or is that not something you guys are planning to implement?