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Forti To Ruckus

New Contributor
i have Fortigate 100D with 4 forti AP that i think to upgrade to R510 unleashed.
Today i have 2 SSID in seperate subnets that managed by Fortigate in gate mode and restrict with mac address.
Is it posible make a design like this one that i have ?

Contributor II
Yes, you can. The way to do is as follows.

(1) 2 Unleashed R510s on subnet-1 broadcasting SSID-1. One of the APs will act as Master.

(2) Other 2 Unleashed R510s on subnet-2 broadcasting SSID-2. Another Master AP for this group.

In essence, you are creating two Unleashed networks and separating them by VLAN / subnet so that they don't talk to each other. 

Does this help achieve your goal?

New Contributor
Thanks for your fast respond,

Yeah, but what i meant that both of SSID will be on each AP with single Master..

In this case i need 4 more AP.

AP without SZ not support VLANs?