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Devices sometimes dont work.

New Contributor
We have about 20 PDA's they are all connecting to an Unleashed Network made up  of 5 R600's. 

Checking on WiFi Analyzer the signal is pretty much fine everywhere. The PDA's are connecting fine but then on occasion (very frequant) the PDA's (not all at the same time) freeze and spinny wheel on the software, doing pings from the PDA shows 3000ms+ The PDA can be rebooted and this sometimes fixes the problem sometimes it doesnt, a few more reboots and it works... while this is happening a PDA right next to it will be working fine.

On the Ruckus Dashboard i can see some of the devices randomly just go from excellent to poor for a few mins and then back again.

The issue happens even when stood still but even moving around there is enough signal everywhere in the warehouse.

all help welcome.

Esteemed Contributor II
Does the PDA manufacturer provide a firmware upgrade?

They do and i have. There was also a similar problem with a laptop that was connected, i didnt put both issues together as the Laptop just got thrown off the network but it might of been related... its now on a wire..