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DHCP on router or Ruckus?

New Contributor III
I currently have the router behind the APs acting as a DHCP server.  Is there any advantage to letting the Ruckus units (R600) act as the authoritative DHCP server?  Does this give me more insight in any of the AP-level stats?

Esteemed Contributor II
No, using your Router's DHCP might be optimal.  There could be temporary problems obtaining an IP if your Master AP went down,
until a Standby took over services.

New Contributor III
Got it.  Just curious, I noticed in the statistics, when you look at traffic per-client, the only identifier there is the MAC address of the connected client.  I was wondering if when the Ruckus acts as the DHCP server it's able to resolve more client information (dhcp hostname, IP)?  If so, that would be worth the change (at least for the period of troubleshooting)...