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Creating Guest Pass Keys with a duration of 1 day, but valid from first use

New Contributor II
Hello we are using R500 Unleashed APs. We don't want our guests to join the company network and therefor I've configured a guest WLAN. This was successful. I can create guest key passes etc. The key passes do work.. so far so good. 

Question / problem
I don't want to add lots of users that can create key passes. 

Therefor, I would like to create a batch of keypasses, lets say 50. The idea is that they can be used for one day. But this day starts from the entering of the key for the first time. 
If the key isnt used within one year, it can't be used any more. 

Is this possible? 

In the AP i've set the the following:
  • Effective from first use
  • Expire new guest passes if not used within 364 days
But when i create passes using the URL/guestpass and set its duration valid for one day. It can't be used after one day anymore. While in the AP it is configured as, Effective from first use. Looks like this value isn't doing anything? Or do I misunderstand this setting?

Is there any solution for this  issue?

Valued Contributor II
as far as i know if this is an enhancement to current working feature then your area ruckus sales engineer is the right person for it and would be able to comment on its availability..

New Contributor II
I don't think it's an enhancement. In my opinion the system isn't working correctly, as it already gives the admin the following options.Image_ images_messages_5f91c421135b77e24797bc1a_f865abea6b269acae336290b3008c15d_RackMultipart2016091596678vn8q-afb7041f-c322-4de8-9f02-b0123bbbf912-770343404.jpg1473944492 

The problem is that with this setting, it still uses the creation date to calculate the valid time for a key.

For me this isn't a enhancement, but a fault in the software / firmware.

New Contributor III
Yes they said it's a known issue not a feature request. The functionality for this is already implemented as seen in your screenshot, but it doesn#t work the way it should. Would love to hear the ETA of the 200.2 firmware