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Converting to Unleashed via ZD running build 164

New Contributor

Hi all,

We have an EOL ZD 3000 running build 164, and a dozens of R500 and R600 access points. We need to have better resilience now that we don't want to wait for a network redesign that's coming.  So, for the interim, we'd like to get all the R500 and R600 to Unleashed ... at least to the versions that have Wave 1 support.  At a later date, we'll look at whether they need to go to modern APs.

With that all in mind, some of the APs are in very hard to get to locations (e.g., high up) -- and as in production units during extended working hours, the windows to update are limited -- and we need to do something that's lower risk of failure, as losing all for a day would be painful. Bottom line: these APs, located in two cities, but sharing one ZD3000, make resets and local loads are real pain to do.  

It looks like there might be a path that we can update the APs, via the ZD.  But, it looks like they are on 10.1 ZD versions or later.  We don't have a support agreement for the ZD (and it seems a waste given that we want to retire it), so we can't get to more than 9.3.3 right now.

Is there a way to update the R500s and R600s without physically reseting them?  Can we do that via ZD  Or if not that, is there a way to update them singly or in bulk from the command line when the access points are currently associated with the ZD3000? 

Thanks in advance! Neil


RUCKUS Team Member

Hello @neil_ticktin_io 

R500 and R600 APs supported the firmware version in unleashed. You can download the unleashed firmware version for both the AP by using below link.



To convert the ZD managed AP to the unleashed please refer the below KB article-


HI @Ayush_Tripathi ... and thanks for that. I do know about the 200.7 limitation, and how to "manually" change them over.  The key issue is that some of these access points are in hard to get to places (e.g., high up on the wall). So, I'm looking to find if there's a way that we can deploy to all of them via the ZD3000.  It's a temporary thing for us as we'll ultimately look to replace all these access points -- but I'd like for that to be alongside the overall network re-design.



Hi @neil_ticktin_io 
Unleashed and ZD firmware are 2 different controller version, so you cannot directly convert the AP image from ZD to Unleashed or vice versa.
You need to convert them to Standalone version first and then to Unleashed or ZD firmware, either from the AP GUI or from AP CLI using FTP or TFTP method.

@sanjay_kumar As I understand it, we could take the ZD to 10.1 and then issue the firmware updates from there to get to unleashed. Are you saying that's not the case?

Do you have any suggestions on how to do this without physically touching the R600's?  They are difficult to get to -- even the switch end of ethernet to power them is difficult for some.