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Connection problem between R710 and T610

New Contributor

Hi, I have unleashed R710 and T610 APs. I want to do Mesh connection between them.

What did i do yet:

1- Configured T610 as Master AP.

- Mesh Option: ticked

- Gateway Mode: ticked

It created new SSID but PWR led was green blinking.  I read some forums so as a result i configured Manual IP as and gateway After reboot, now PWR led solid green.

Now, i want connect R710 to T610(Master). I have a document and it says that connect LAN cable from T610 to R710 and just wait. It adds as Root and then it turns out Mesh. But 2. AP never appear on UI.

I also attached diagram. I hope someone sees this soon. I need to setup for tomorrow.diagram.PNG

Thanks in advance



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Hi @tmrcynk 

Have you checked that both APs have the same firmware version ? 

If not you can connect the AP to your PC via Ethernet assign an IP address to the interface as example  then try to access to the AP on the URL from the web browser trying the default IP : or also you can try to ssh ( default username:super  default password:sp-admin ) rung a get version to know which version is running 

rkscli: get version
Ruckus R550 Multimedia Hotzone Wireless AP

Best Regards 

Fernando Vasquez 

Hi @Vásquez_Fer ,

Yes, they both same version as Version:

Hi @tmrcynk  ! 

Have you made sure that you are connecting the LAN port correctly since one of the ports goes to the WAN? 

Link as reference:


Best Regards 

Fernando Vasquez