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Connect Unleashed R500 to ZoneDirector 1200

New Contributor II
Hello Guys

Is it possible to connect a Unleashed R500 to a ZoneDirector 1200 because I can see the AP on the ZoneDirector but every time I try to manage it, I get this message:

"This Access Point is not yet approved and connected. Click "Allow" action (if present) and wait for the AP to complete connection."

And I can't find the setting to get it away...

Thanks for your efforts in advance.


New Contributor II
I just did that, and it works!
thanks for the reply

Hi bp,

Can you give me step-by-step to migrate an Unleashed AP to a ZD.
I have same situation with you.


So that i get you the right thing, you wanna know how to play the r500(not unleashed) firmware on a r500 unleashed AP?

When migrating any AP whether it's from ZD to SCG, Unleased to ZD or SCG etc etc the AP requires to be factory reset after new firmware is pushed to the AP due to RPM key issues.

Process would be as follows:

1. Change firmware on unleashed to Base 100.
2. Factory Reset.
3. Enable discovery agent:
set discovery-agent enabled
4. Set director IP if required - only required if AP is doing layer 3 migration
5. Set lwapp  MTU to 1250 - helps mitigate AP provisioning loops on layer 3 networks
5. As a precautionary method set NTP on AP:
set ntp server x.x.x.x
set ntp server update
Good luck

Hi Sean,

How to Step-by-step Change firmware on unleashed to Base 100 for point 1