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Configuration of a R600 Unleashed UAC... Guest WAN Onboarding via Enable Zero-IT

New Contributor

Hi, I am an Ruckus amateur doing some basic configuration of a R600 Unleashed UAC... I have set up a Guest WAN with Onboarding set to Enable Zero-IT and ticked the dual option Guest Pass & Device Registration.

When the guest logs in the see two options -

1) The Guest Access and that works perfectly.

2) Register Device  - that gives the user a network security issue warning? Can that be avoided?

If they click Continue to Browser they are initially reverted to the same dual option screen. Selecting  Register Device again they are directed to a WLAN Connection Activation screen (displaying our uploaded logo...) & are asked for a Username & PW to log in. 

What should they enter here & is that set somehow when configuring the Guest WLAN? Any help appreciated.

Cheers, PG