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Cant get into my R710 for Unleased Update

New Contributor

Hello All,

So I have updated several R610 APs to the unleashed firmware. I'm not trying to do it with an R710 but Im unable to get into the UI on the r710. These updates are being done on  standalone units, directly connected by network cable to a PC where the firmware update has been downloaded. on the r610s it worked fine, but now when I hard reset and then point to for the R710, I cant connect to it. Any ideas?


Community Admin
Community Admin

Hi Ryan,

Make sure you are doing factory reset correctly (push and hold reset button for 12 seconds, make sure it is getting power).

If post doing factory reset, if you are still not able to access it over default IP, check if AP is grabbing an IP from the network. If AP is connected to isolated network without DHCP, then open a case with support.

Bdw, what is the power LED status and do you see or island SSID from this AP?

Syamantak Omer
RUCKUS Networks, CommScope!
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I don’t see configure or island ssid. The lights up front flash green and yellow after reset, but I can’t connect. I’m not on a network. The AP is just connected to a PC with network cable.

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