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Cant get into my R710 for Unleased Update

New Contributor

Hello All,

So I have updated several R610 APs to the unleashed firmware. I'm not trying to do it with an R710 but Im unable to get into the UI on the r710. These updates are being done on  standalone units, directly connected by network cable to a PC where the firmware update has been downloaded. on the r610s it worked fine, but now when I hard reset and then point to for the R710, I cant connect to it. Any ideas?


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It definitely looks that AP isn't reset and still has some configuration. Start Wireshark on your PC and find out if AP has some static IP (it will be sending some broadcasts in this case). It looks that AP isn't reset to factory . Also check that you have powerful enough PoE injector - R710 should work from 802.3af, disabling second Ethernet port and decreasing power  output, but I have seen APs not booting on low power PoE without additional configuration. To be sure, use some 50W PoE injector -- R710 max consumed power is 25 W.