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CAN AP R550 can join controller in diffent location. AP in location A. and controller in location B?

New Contributor

Rencananya AP akan disetting DHCP dan settingan sama dengan yang di Menara, atau join ke controller yang ada di Menara BCA.


I have 2 AP R550 that have plan to install and configure in location A with dhcp ip , and have plan to join to controller in location B ? can we make it or not ? please guide us , thanks  @sanjay_kumar 


RUCKUS Team Member

Hi @farhankarunia17 

Yes, you can connect the AP from one site to the controller on another site. Via VPN, Internet or MPLS link.
However, below are some points which we need to ensure for the successful connectivity:
1. AP should be able to reach the controller IP. With les packet drops.
2. Controller should either be on the public Natted IP if the AP is reaching the controller via Internet.
3. Necessary ports to be allowed between the AP and controller.
4. AP should be supported on the controller software version.