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Blocking Client from 1 AP

Contributor II

Hi guys,

Running a couple of AP's unleashed and i would like to block a client from the master but allow it on a member AP.

I have blocked the MAC address on the AP concerned but in the block list it does not show which AP the client is blocked from.

Do i assume that the client is blocked from the required AP but can still join the member AP even though it doesnt show the client on the blocked ap?


New Contributor III

Assuming you have used a L2/MAC ACL, these are done on a per WLAN basis. So if you block a client MAC it will be on all APs with the associated WLAN. If this is the only WLAN being broadcast then this client will not be able to connect at all currently. 

- Sam 

Contributor II

"Block Client" feature applies to the whole Unleashed network across ALL APs and ALL WLANs.  User guide reference below.

Contributor II

Ok thanks all.

I guess the only way is to run both or maybe just one as a standalone and block it from the one that i want to block it from?

Contributor II

You can choose to not serve any clients by the Master AP but not specific to just one client.

Maybe if you describe your use case I can advise what the best option to achieve what you are looking for.