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Best perfomance in our new house

New Contributor II
Hey everyone.

Our house is almost ready in a few month. And then I would like to know your opinion on where I should put my two R710 AP in the house so it would cover the house and not conflict eachother.
The house is 155 square meters - 1668.4 square feet


Concur with this.  Even then though, you’re unlikely to have any conflicts as they’ll likely pick non-overlapping channels if there isn’t interference from related sources.  That said, you might even get by with a single centrally located AP.

New Contributor II
Thank you very much for your answers. I think I have something to go with now.

New Contributor
also if you have not bought the AP's yet make sure you check that they are compatible with UNleashed. H510 is a really good AP and prob the cheapest. for wall mounts you can get them from