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Any way to use WEP on Unleashed?

New Contributor II
I have a customer that insists on using WEP on their network for the remainder of the year. I have explained that it's just like leaving the network open. They don't care-- they've got some legacy equipment that will only connect with WEP, and it won't be upgraded until January 1st at the earliest. So, until then, it's WEP, and I can't change that. 

Is there any way to use WEP on Unleashed? The GUI (at least on the newer firmware versions) does not have the option. Does anyone know if it's available in an older firmware version, or via the CLI?

Contributor III
How many old equipment does your client have that uses WEP? maybe uses older Ap if they are still around?

Hi Pete,

According to the online Unleashed documentation, Unleashed 200.7 supports WEP:

Open: No authentication method is used. "Open" authentication allows the use of WPA2, WEP or no encryption. Open authentication + WPA2 encryption (also known as WPA-PSK) is the most common type of WLAN encryption method and should be the default configuration if there are no special requirements for authentication or encryption.

Details here:

P.S. Enabling WEP (or TKIP) is worse that just having an open network, it effectively disables 802.11n (and better), resulting in 802.11a/b/g network performance.


Hayk-- It's only a few pieces of equipment. I am considering installing the new Unleashed network for everything new and then just running a separate network for the old equipment. The downside to that would be the increased interference, etc, from having 2 sets of APs. 

Darrel-- Thanks. This definitely helps. I did not consider that 802.11n doesn't run on WEP, so thanks for that as well.