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Announcement - Unleashed 200.1 MR ( is now Online

Esteemed Contributor II
Ruckus Unleashed MR firmware update has been implemented on the Cloud server.
Admins who check for an update and perform Upgrades will get installed to all APs.

Read the Unleashed 200.1 MR Release Notes and What's New, and download Solo AP images from
these links on Ruckus Support web portal.

From Release Notes:

Release 200.1 introduces the following new features and enhancements:

• Smart Mesh networking support

• Additional Unleashed APs: R310, T300, T300e, T301s, T301n

• SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) support

• Product Registration page added to Setup Wizard

• Updated UI organization


From What’s New:

· Support for Outdoor 11ac Access Point T300, T300E, T301N, and T301S

 Smart Mesh

 SNMP support

 Support Registration as part of initial deployment

 Enhanced web UI organization

Supported Platforms

Unleashed version supports the following Ruckus AP models:

• R310

• R500

• R600

• T300

• T300e

• T301n

• T301s


The following release builds can be directly upgraded to Unleashed version MR:

• (Unleashed 200.0 GA)

• (Unleashed 200.1 GA)

    Here are the Unleashed documentation links, MD5 checksumed firmware and



Unleashed (MR)
Release Notes:


Unleashed (MR)
What’s New:


Unleashed (MR)
SNMP Reference Guide:


Unleashed (MR) for


Unleashed (MR) for


Unleashed (MR) for


Unleashed (MR) for


Unleashed (MR) for


Unleashed (MR) for


Unleashed (MR) for


Unleashed SNMP MIBs for (MR):

New Contributor
My recently purchased R500 came with FW, can I go right to or do I have to go to first? Release notes and this post say upgrade to from or


Esteemed Contributor II
Build was never an official release, and was never installed during production by Ruckus...

I'm curious how someone/a VAR would have accessed that version.  Nonetheless, you can try Upgrading
your current Unleashed network (1 to 25 APs), and they should be updated with firmware.

In the event that it does not work, you may need to do a factory default, and update the firmware on your
R500 manually.  The links to each AP firmware is above.

Hi Michael,

Interesting and a little disconcerting. FYI, the R500 was purchased directly from CDW in early May. The serial number is 921604905381.


Esteemed Contributor II
I'm an NPI engineer for Unleashed, and helped with testing/QA.  Unleashed started with
We did beta testing with -.53, but officially updated the production server to
There might have been some APs in the line that loaded .53, but version .55 is what you'll receive today.
Please let me know your results if you do an Administer&Services->Administer->Upgrade today.