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Announcement: Ruckus Unleashed (GA) Release is available on Support

Esteemed Contributor II


     Ruckus Unleashed Development Engineering and Quality Assurance teams have just

provided a new and important 200.8 (GA) Software Release.  Features now include up to

128 APs and 2048 clients, the R750 AP support, ICX Switch Monitoring and Management,

enhanced Application Recognition, remote Syslog, and WPA3 encryption, to name a few. 

Find all Unleashed 200.8 (GA) documentation here:


   Consisting of Release Notes, What’s New, Upgrade Guide, R750 Quick Setup Guide, User Guide,

Troubleshooting Guide, and SNMP Reference Guide.


    The Unleashed (GA) SNMP MIBs and AP Firmware have been posted here:


   With images for C110, E510, H320, H510, M510, M510-JP, R320, R510, R610, R710, R720, R750,

T310c, T310d, T310n, T310s, T610, T610s, T710, T710s model APs.  Note: 802.11ac Wave1 APs

are no longer supported as of this release: R310,R500, R600, T300, T300e, T301n, T301s.


   Our Cloud based Online Upgrade server has been updated, and customers can Upgrade Online

from Unleashed 200.7, or via Local Upgrade on Unleashed networks running 200.2, 200.3, 200.4,

or 200.5 releases.


   Please feel free to share these links and this information with your Unleashed Customers and

Partners.  Thanks and best regards,

New Contributor III
I noticed that the MD5 hash value does not match the download for the R610 AP.

Thanks Robert, fixed now, FYI:  3f719813af6ef2a46f3f4a48dcdeec81

New Contributor III
Wow, so the Ruckus R310,R500, R600, T300, T300e, T301n, T301s are NO LONGER SUPPORTED ON UNLEASHED SOFTWARE???


Esteemed Contributor II
Well, added features and functions, having controller features on an AP platform, requires more CPU/RAM than our first edition 802.11ac APs have.

See other info, including recommendation to stay with if you have these model APs in use today.