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Announcement: Ruckus Unleashed 200.2 (GA) is Now Live!

Esteemed Contributor II
For the many customers with many interests in Ruckus Unleashed, I'm happy to announce that version is now Live in production, for upgrades from your exsiting networks on any earlier versions.

A What's New in Unleashed 200.2 (GA) and Release Notes can be found on Unleashed Documents page,
along with Quick Start Guides for all supported AP platforms - Adding R710, T710, and T710s models.
Ruckus Unleashed 200.2 (GA)What’s New?

Ruckus Unleashed 200.2 (GA)Release Notes

The Unleashed firmware for each model of AP is also now available for Downloads.  Visit the Unleashed
product details page on Support at this link:

New Contributor
Awesome news for the R710!

New Contributor III
Found an error: Guest ticket system: If you create a ticket valid from use lets say 4 Hours from first use , then the value {GP_VALID_DAYS} returns 14400 Hours = 4 x 3600. So The 4 Hours get Multplied by 3600 means that my duration is diplayed in seconds but labelded as hours.

This Only happens when you select hours when creating the tickets. If you use days or weeks it works (displays) correctly. Since we only use hour based tickets we'd love if you could fix that 😉

Esteemed Contributor II
Hello Stefan,
    I see you opened a ticket on Unleashed 200.1 for this issue, and I've had
new ticket 491634 created for your Unleashed 200.2 test results, which will
get filed as a bug.  You will receive a new case email shortly, if you can pls
collect a couple screen shots that show your issue to attach to a reply? 
Thanks and best regards.

New Contributor
The addition of the fixed Management IP address is great for monitoring.
However, was the removal of a lot of OIDs deliberate and/or necessary? In particular the RUCKUS-ZD-WLAN MIBs give so much good info on APs, WLANs etc. - they were available on v200.1 but are gone in v200.2