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Airpint not working on

New Contributor III
Newly installed 1x R710 and 1x R510 on Have a wired Xerox printer and a wireless HP printer - both are AirPrint ready. Moved this from Ubiquiti to Ruckus Unleashed this week. The AirPrint has stopped working - all iDevices show 'No AirPRint Printers Found'.

I can get to the IP addresses of both the Xerox and HP in Safari on iDevices. I turned on Bonjour Gateway...but I am not going across VLANs so doubt that makes any difference. All printers are on the same VLAN (1) as well as the SSID I am using.

Am I missing something? Should I try a different firmware? Or does AirPrint not work?

Hi Mark,

I am Nat who manage the Unleashed product in Ruckus. Since all your devices are on the same VLAN it should work without any specific configuration tweaks. I would be interested to know how your weekend upgrade pans out. If you still have a problem I will take you offline to sort out this issue.

Thank you for being a Ruckus Unleashed customer.


New Contributor III
Thanks Nat! Thinking I may have done something the first time I set it up. I'll see how it goes.

New Contributor III
Did the upgrade to today and all seems okay with AirPrint. I must have chosen something when I set it up the first time.

Sorry for the trouble!

I am glad to hear that the upgrade over the weekend went smoothly. I would like to talk to you to understand bit more about the use case etc. Would you mind dropping me an email with your contact info to "". As you may know, Ruckus is now part of Arris. 

New Contributor
I have ZD1200 and r500 APs.  I have an HP wireless print router attached to my HP printer.  The config says that AirPrint is enabled but the printer doesn't always show up on my iphone. 

Do I  need to enable Bonjour gateway on the WLAN and the APs for AirPrint to work?  Do I also need to enable the Bonjour Fencing?  Perhaps the WLAN is dropping the routers IP address into inactive and that's why the printing isn't showing up?

Any insight will be greatly appreciated.