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500 - Unleashable or not ?

New Contributor
I have a pair of R500 and wondering if I could upgrade them to unleashed.
When I read Unleashed FAQ, it's unclear 

Q: Is it possible to convert regular R500/600 to Unleashed and vice versa?
A: It is possible to re-flash an existing R500/R600 AP but please note that once re-flashed, an end user will have to repurchase unleashed support. We recommend purchasing unleashed R500 and R600 rather than re-flashing. We will be creating documentation that details this process to be available at launch.

But later on :

Q: Should customer purchase Support contract for Unleashed?
A: Support contracts are recommended for customers to purchase, so they can obtain the following benefits:  1. 24*7 Technical Support 2. Software Support, including Software Updates and Upgrades Although Support Entitlement is not enforced “on the box” at the time of product introduction the policies remain the same. That is, customers without support contracts are not entitled to the support deliverables listed above. However, we will continue to honor the Limited Life Time Warranty for Unleashed APs.

So can I flash unleashed firmware to R500 or should I get a special support ?


Esteemed Contributor II
If you want Unleashed R500 you should purchase 9U1 (Unleashed) part number,
rather than 901 (regular) AP part number.

Re-flashing firmware between Solo AP and Unleashed will change AP function, but if you ever
need an RMA you will get the same type AP you purchased (9U1 or 901).

Yes, you need a support contract to download firmware, either kind.  Start here: 

New Contributor
Thanks Michael

So to resume, I can flash regular R500 but I need to contact support to get firmware.
Right ?