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Did you mean: doesn't fix the packet loss for stations connected to MAP

New Contributor II
As described in a few replies to , I'm experiencing an issue with my Unleashed mesh set-up. The topology and set-up can't be simpler - one RAP, one MAP (both R710), one network (2.4+5), WPA2 auth.

Used to work flawlessly before upgrade to 200.5.x, with the same config.

After APs boot up, all starts off great. After a period of time (sometimes as short as an hour or so), stations connected to the MAP start experiencing packet loss / transmission delays. If MAP is power-cycled, problem clears - clients are happy, until they are not again.

When the issue is present, RAP-MAP speed test doesn't show up any significant slow-down - it's around 400-450Mbps, just as when all is OK.

Channels are stable - I don't see any movements, even after MAP reboot, it comes up to occupy the same channels as before. There is no significant interference. 2.4 uses Background Scanning, 5 uses ChannelFly.

Was hoping that upgrading to would help, but no, it didn't.

Would really like my stability back, please.