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2.4 GHz periodic device disconnects on Unleashed R710

New Contributor

Hello, here is a description of the issue I am having with R710 with Firmware, operating in full power 802.3at

Certain devices at 2.4 GHz do not stay connected. Smart plugs, Kindles, Android-based picture frame.

5 GHz devices all work fine, with good speeds and no disconnections.

This is a home network, located in a condo building, so network overlap/interference is somewhat prevalent. I have identified channel 6 as being the "most open".

I've tried reverting to earlier firmware, to no avail.

Here are the logs for the issue, showing disconnect for one of the devices with MAC address 76:9b:58:a4:44:4b

Any help is much appreciated. Thank you.


Nov 12 12:28:27 RuckusAP APMgr@RuckusAP: Ruckus-AP New Flow: "Src_MAC"="48:A6:B8:30:3E:9A","Dst_MAC"="4C:20:B8:ED:6B:84","Src_IP"="","Dst_IP"="","Src_port"="45262","Dst_port"="51521","L4protocol"="UDP","apMac"="74:3E:2B:3B:73:10"

Nov 12 12:28:27 RuckusAP kernel: [145674.574912] FWLOG: [14901306] RATE: ChainMask 1, peer_mac c0:15, phymode 5, ni_flags 0x00201006, vht_mcs_set 0x0000, ht_mcs_set 0x00ff, legacy_rate_set 0xe3631a

Nov 12 12:28:28 RuckusAP kernel: [145674.853301] v54cf: v54cf_open: inode=dd11d6f8, filp=d05aa240

Nov 12 12:28:28 RuckusAP Eved: STA-DISASSOC-REASON [ieee80211_send_mgmt(),5984,send station disassociate] 76:9b:58:a4:44:4b rx_rssi=24,ack_rssi=0,reason=1,freq=2437,chan=6,rx pkt,byte;tx pkt,byte=(1,165,7,1029)



Do you have background scanning and automatic channel switching on your 2.4GHz radio? 

many smart devices are pretty dumb when it comes to Wi-Fi and will not reconnect if the channel changes. 


No, I had channel 6 set permanently.

I tested a different power supply and the issue appears to be resolved.

Previously I was utilizing a TP-Link Gigabit PoEat injector (TL-PoE160S).  The R710 reported full power (at) but kept dropping 2.4 GHz connections as I described.

Now that I've switched to an AC adapter the connection seems to be consistent.

Thanks for your reply.