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Wise exam engine not responding after pass confirmation

New Contributor
I did the Wise exam yesterday and received a passed mark of 73%, after that the test engine gave a lot of errors and after I managed to exit, my exam history was empty
Today I wrote again... 2 times and after trying to submit the last question the test engine did not respond.
There is still no record of my pass on my user profile...
Is the test operational, where is the fault?

Valued Contributor II
@Hannes - thanks. I've escalated this issue with our training team.

New Contributor
Hello...I am having a similar problem with my Sales Exam. I have taken the Test 3 times and it is not registering my grade. In the example to register it says to click Learn Pages and then follow the links to register. There is no link anywhere to be found that says learn pages. I have retaken the test 3 times with all passing grades and still no luck. Please advise.

New Contributor

Ok in my case I was using a 1-to-4 connection to www, this I assume cased the exam to reject the "end-of-exam". My in and out traffic was using different outside paths and for security reasons I assume, my exam never ended. When I used my home www connection yesterday I noticed that the exam never end / exit. As soon as I end the exam the engine replied a fail, I rewrote the exam, ended and passed successfully. My Wise certification is now showing in my transcript.

Community Manager
Community Manager
Hi all,

As reported by Hannes above, the exams (WiSE and Ruckus Sales Expert) have not been properly terminating a session attempt. Each new entrance into the exam uses the old attempt.

I've updated settings on both exams to force a new attempt with each time into the exam. Additionally, we've put clear instructions on all exam pages to ensure you proceed all the way through the exam before exiting using the Exit activity link in the top right of the page.

However, if you've previously had an attempt it will need to be cleared by us. Please send a request to and we will clear your past attempt.

This situation appears to be causing other problems you are seeing:
- errors
- inability to click on answers or advance to next question or screen
- 0% score after passing the exam