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Sales Exam not Registering after Passing

New Contributor
I have taken the Sales Exam 3 times now answering all 75 questions. I have passed all three times and my score is not registering. I tried to follow the exam registration as shown at the end of the exam but it asks you to click on the Learn Pages link and there is none to be found. Please advise on how to register my score so that I can move on to the WISE courses.

New Contributor
Hi Titus,

I have the same issue too....
I have completed all the course content and passed the exams for the following:
Sales Essentials
Sales Expert Certification Exam

My account is showing I haven't completed or passed any of them...

I have emailed as well.

I have also asked Ruckus is the Learn Page link from their old portal? As I can't find that page too.

Hopefully Ruckus can clarify a few things:
When you take an exam, are scores showed instantly or do they need to be validated by Ruckus first?
Once a course has been completed, do you need to un-enroll?
What happens when you un-enroll from a course? Do you loose your score history?

Community Manager
Community Manager
Hi all,

We are aware of these problems, have diagnosed and duplicated them and are taking steps to republish our exams and settings to address the problem. The issue has to do with entering an exam and leaving before clicking all the way to the end of the exam, creating a "zombie" attempt.

Symptoms include:
- incorrect scoring
- inability to complete an exam
- unresponsive buttons or exam
- browser script errors

If you are experiencing these symptoms in any of the following:
- WiSE Certification Exam
- Ruckus Sales Expert Exam (REx)
- ATP Exam
- Sales Essentials -> Final Exam
- Introduction to Ruckus Products -> Final Exam
- Wi-Fi Essentials -> Final Exam

Please send an email to asking for an attempt reset for the specific exam.

My apologies for these problems and inconvenience they have caused.


New Contributor
I'm also having the same problem. I clicked through the exam and did not leave before the end so according to your definition I could not have created a zombie attempt...Introduction to Ruckus products and Sales Essentials, I'll email the address you say.


New Contributor
I completed ZoneDirector 9.3 (WiSE Online) at home but whengo back to office and log back and I'm shock to see I cannot take WISE as I yet to complete ZoneDirector 9.3 (WiSE Online) !!! Ughh !!!! I spent whole day attended this so end up ... NOTHING !!!!