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Issue with WISE test question

New Contributor

In the WiSE course, there is a diagram that explains the LED ZF AP 2741 DIR LED states.
It says Green + Non-Flashing means ZD Connected=Yes and ZD Managed=Yes (makes sense)
But it also says Green+Flashing means ZD Connected=No and ZD Managed=Yes.

At first glance it seems odd that the AP would be managed by a ZoneDirector when it’s not connected to it!

Assuming it is not a typo, then does this mean that the AP has successfully connected to and been managed by a ZD, but at this time it has lost the connection to it?

In other words, this means that it is not possible to have an AP connected to but not managed by a ZD.

New Contributor
Hi Said,

DIR Green + Flashing = ZD Managed (but not currently connected).

This indicates that the AP has previously been configured by a ZD, but cannot currently connect to one.

Once any AP has been configured by a ZD, it will always remain in 'Managed' mode and seek a ZD to manage itself (unless you factory reset it).

From a fault finding point of view, this LED status tells you that the AP is not in 'Stand-alone' mode and in my experience, generally a network issue (e.g. switch / VLAN configs or cabling fault) is preventing the AP from connecting to the ZD.

Hope this helps.


Esteemed Contributor II
Said, you are correct in your assumptions. Flashing green means this AP is
managed by a ZD, but not currently connected to it (for whatever reason).
I hope you got the question right on your exam!