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Sales Exam not Registering after Passing

New Contributor
I have taken the Sales Exam 3 times now answering all 75 questions. I have passed all three times and my score is not registering. I tried to follow the exam registration as shown at the end of the exam but it asks you to click on the Learn Pages link and there is none to be found. Please advise on how to register my score so that I can move on to the WISE courses.

Hi John- you do not need to retake ZD 9.3; you can enroll in the WiSE Certification Exam any time:

New Contributor
Training portal is very badly design and built !!!

We are constantly working to improve the experience with our training portal: can you give some specific feedback as to what was confusing or misleading, or something you were trying to do that you weren't able to achieve? We appreciate your feedback.