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Information about WiSE level 1 exam needed

New Contributor II

I am currently watching your online videos to prepare for the exam.
Is there a difference between the $150 online test and the $250 pearson view exams?

If I pay for the online test, do I have to take it immediately or can I take it at a later time.

I saw in a previous post here that you can make unlimited attempts within 90 days. Do you have to pay $150 for each attempt?

thank you,

Community Manager
Community Manager
Hi John,

At present you can take the WiSE Level 1 Exam as many times as you would like, but we have no "practice mode" so you would overwrite your old score with each attempt. Not a problem if you are confident of passing each time.

Also, I appreciate your feedback as we are always looking at ways to improve the student experience.


New Contributor
Hi David,

Is WISE level 1 still has unlimited attempt for 90 days?

New Contributor III
Hi David,

If you have level 1 WiSe, is it needed to get level 2? What's the added value vs CWNA or CWTS ? 

Valued Contributor II
Hi Nicolas,
 WiSE is same as CCNA wireless if compared to CWNA/CWTS. Both WiSE and CCNA wireless are vendor specifc certs...

Hope this helps..