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Certificate for WiSE 2017 Curriculum

New Contributor II
Is there a certificate for completing the WiSE 2017 Curriculum ? I've already passed both the Cloudpath 5.1 and Smartzone Accreditation Exam but there's no option for me to obtain the WiSE 2017 certificate. Also, I've tried to email but there was no response from them.

New Contributor III
This  is  not of much help to you are not the only person have had these issues..

I had also logged tickets with training support but never got a reply. In my case the system did not even show if any results for the two  exams.

A couple of weeks after doing  the exams I was able to finally see my results and then was able to download the certificates for both Cloudpath and Smartzone.

Maybe just wait a week and see what happens.

Appreciate for the response, Shane.

Really disappointed that they can't provide a reply but I'm glad that I'm not the only one facing the issue.

As for the Smartzone and Cloudpath certificate, I was able to download them immediately after passing both the exams but not for the WiSE 2017 Curriculum.

hi, how are you, can you help me in wise 2017 exam

what type of help do you need