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all support now offshore?

New Contributor III
Does anyone know if all ruckus support has gone to a 100% offshore model?   I'm used to this with consumer products, but none of the other enterprise vendors we work with have gone to this model.

I ask because I haven't had a lot of cases, but the last few that I've had seem to be handled this way irrespective of the time of day the calls go in.    While the folks have been very friendly and professional, there is a definite language barrier which does interfere with the troubleshooting process.

Just curious so I know what to expect going forward.


Valued Contributor II
I'm not sure if the change is recent or not, but I have also noticed that initial point-of-contact for support tickets, regardless of priority, appears to be handled offshore.

I've not experienced any negative issues as a result though — the support engineers are professional, helpful, and are able to resolve issues at a similar pace to the average tech support experience I've had.

The only two areas that I've had trouble (and I hope Ruckus can direct this feedback to the right folks):

(1) They tend to reach out over telephone without regard for time zone. I don't mind electronic responses at a timezone convenient to the SE, but a phone call at the middle of the night to follow up on a ticket is rarely productive.
(2) When the SE calls me, it's almost always from an international number. I don't necessarily have an international wireless plan and have concern for fees to pick it up.

I've learned to make it more clear in my initial support ticket that I prefer electronic communication.