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Unleased or Standalone for home?

New Contributor III
i got of ebay for a really good price a R310 it is just a standalone AP and one is enough to cover my whole home. it is the only AP on my home network.  I just wondered if there was any advantages in changing it to the unleashed firmware or just leave it standalone? i only have one SSID

Valued Contributor
Hi Gordon,

Unleashed does have more features than Standalone but for a single AP in a simple home environment, you most likely won't see any difference in performance between the two versions.

Hope that helps,

Esteemed Contributor II
If you find another R310 deal, you could "mesh" your APs for added coverage, if you run Unleashed code on them.

New Contributor III
i now have ordered a second R310 AP from ebay, as im buillding an extension and the WiFi doesnt quite make it from my single 310.... so now is it worth putting them on unleased firmware they will both be Cat5E wired into my internal LAN